Thursday, July 12

The Day the Grid Stood Still

Aliens. Aliens attacked Caledon tonight..just like Qli's futureself told us they would. At fist, Qli shrugged off the reports of aliens as a drunken hoax. The fires were probably caused by black powder in these wargames Caledon was playing.Lady Darkling had already put out a fire earlier in the day with magic. But when Qli tried to put out a flame in Kittiwickshire she completely unprepared. That was a plasma flame burning as hot as the sun itself!

It burned away her clothing and her dermal layer exposing the metal casing beneath. Thank goodness Baroness Amber and Sir Book flew in to take her to safety.

Once she landed in Tanglewood (or rather fell off the blimp) I teleported her Repair Chamber to her, where she tried to regenerate her dermal layer, but failed. It instead replaced the metal with porcelain for her Doll form. She was repaired, but far too vulnerable to perform what would be required of her.

When the distress calls came in she without hesitation jumped back into the Repair Chamber, setting the overrides to equip herself in full steam powered battle armour..the "Omega Configuration".

Soon the aether was burning with chatter, some from the aliens themselves. Quickly the militia converged on the site where the aliens landed.

That's when all Hell broke loose. She circled the evil orbs in aerial battle, weaving through the spires of Victoria City, emptying repeating rifle ammunition at the spheres until the breech melted. She was struck by plasma bolts several times..but this form could survive the heat of a volcano. Even then her armour disintegrated from the onslaught.

The militia regrouped in Mayfair. Frustrated by the lack of visible results of sustained rifle attacks upon the invaders, she turned the weaponry she procured in the Dark Future. I'm not sure if she was able to rip their metal hulls with her Talons, but the hypersonic titanium slugs she fired from her twin hand-cannons (shotguns seems inadequate to describe this awesome weaponry), knocking them out of trajectory several times, causing them to twitch like some form of seizure. One even landed to rest in a nearby field, presumably to repair itself. This was her finest hour. And that is how she fell, shot down by those searing rays from above.

That is how Koen fund her when the smoke pieces. I can rebuild her of course. But I am too busy attending to the wounded in this makeshift hospital.

Just this once, I wish I could somehow become the Demon again..I would make these abominations PAY for what they've done to my child!

I was able to seal Mr. Book's chest wound with some herbs from Lady Darkling's garden. Watching nervously for glimpses of the aliens that floated in the woods across from us, I sent distress signals to Tombstone for reinforcements. I did not receive a definite answer. I was so desperate I even went to the other Tombstone for help. But I won't even begin to describe the reception I received there.

For now, I'm assisting in a makeshift hospital, I'm taking the time to write this now because the told me to lie down while they put a tube in my arm to rehydrate me with sugar water.

I'm going to try to sleep a bit..Nurse's orders..then get back to tending the wounded and the broken..if Caledon still exists come the dawn.

~Dr. Bloodwing


emillyorr said...

*looks up from yet another excursion into limbo*

One would assume, if you have access to both sides of your blended should know enough to make one side, or the other, preeminent.

Elsewise...your Father may have bound you in the blended form. I can't but imagine you'd be upset by such.

*goes back to searching for a way out, and cursing the Powers that Linden*

Eladrienne Laval said...

Those were quite some battles last night against the alien invaders!

Darien Mason said...

No,I'm not upset Miss Orr. This is my new consciousness. It is a holistic change..I can no more distill Bloodwing from the Doctor than I can separate the gin from the vermouth in my martini. At least I've shrugged off the more unsavory obsessions of each of me.

(And I'll work on opening a portal for you as soon as I reconnect Qli's spinal column.)

emillyorr said...

Qli, by all and every means, comes first. I worry for her.

americanpsyco98 said...

thank god we drove them off for now and thanks for patching me up Dr Mason

Amber_Palowakski said...

I am glad I was able to assist Qli, it was the least I can do, after all you have done for me. But I must say, doing an airlift rescue in a blimp filled with hydrogen gas very close to a raging inferno was actually stupidity on my part, as the potential for an even deadlier explosion is quite high. Next time I do an airlift from a fire, I need to use one of those ornithopter thingies Miss Virginia designed. Well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Amber_Palowakski said...

oh yes, and thank you for helping my 98!