Tuesday, July 10

Post Mortem (with Addendum)

ADDENDUM: While testing fur samples, I was shocked to find that there was in fact an influence of Corruption upon this specimen, an unholy and malevolent magick as great as anything that ever rose from the pits of Erebus. Indeed, as witnessed by it's stunted growth, it was ireedeemably twisted towards the path of Destruction. The fact that these were holy blades that slew the beast only confirms it. This creature was not a part of the greater species of Lycans as we know them. I no longer expect any repercussions from their kind. If anything, they may wish to thank us.

P.S. My sincerest apologies to Lady Diamanda for doubting the importance of your hunt. We all have our own Demons to conquer.

~Dr. Bloodwing

Dear Sheriff,

I am sorry I was not able to take you along to see the body of the fallen Lycan, but Lady Diamanda had very little time available with her military maneuvers. I did examine the body, this one met a vicious end. I removed several silver bullets from his hide and noted several stab wounds from what must have been silver or enchanted blades. I begged her not to defile the corpse by taking it to a taxidermist, but she is hell-bent on mounting the wolf's head on her wall. She claims to know special circumstances that permit this, but she would not elaborate. Perhaps you can convince her..I pray so.

What would Neualtenberg have done if the Kaiserine's head had been mounted proudly over the Guvnah's office? It would have been total war, no quarter asked nor given.

That is what I see occurring. A foe attacking not with skyships and calvalry but with inhuman strength and speed armed bearing claw and fang.

Caledon is a proud nation, Sheriff, and rightfully so..but when that pride manifests as hubris and cultural imperialism, they are always surprised by the backlash. As always, the Foundation will take the high road and steer clear of warmongering. Our doors will be open to any who seek our aid, whether with open hand or paw.


~Dr. Bloodwing


Hotspur O'Toole said...

I did examine the body, this one met a vicious end. I removed several silver bullets from his hide and noted several stab wounds from what must have been silver or enchanted blades.

E'en though I had undergone a somewhat belated change of heart about the destruction of this beastie, I take a smidgen of comfort that I wasn't raving when I said put some silver in his hide. It astonishes me how THIS breed could so easily shrug of silver. Admittedly, my survey sample is small-- one were despatched in my parlor and one encounterd years ago in China, but both of those reacted to silver in a way familiar to those who read their werewolf lore. What made this were so different? I am anxious to read of your conclusions, doctor. Could it be a new breed?

Darien Mason said...

Upon your examination of the wolf that invaded your home, you speculated from its appearance that the beast might have been in a state of undeath.

In French legends, the loup-garou was a crature that preferred to scavenge the graveyards for food over living flesh. Because of their scavenger nature they are normally not aggressive unless provoked. I did glimpse such a beast when I did my own "scavenging" (which I can no longer continue, but that is another story).

As for this newly killed one that supposedly killed and attempted to kidnap humans..it is difficult to say.

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Funny.....this "werewolf" looks awfully short. How tall was he?

Eladrienne Laval said...

Doctor, I am interested in your belief that there will be retribution for this...do you truly think that will happen?

Diamanda Gustafson said...


I bow to you in great debt.


Amber_Palowakski said...

I have heard of the loup-garou. Didn't this Beast enjoy the haunts of grave yards?