Sunday, July 15

Regarding You-Know-What

Qlippothic and I had no involvement in the Militia games, and we were blissfully ignorant of the fiasco brewing when we intervened in the Martian invasion. I wish we had remained so.

What I can tell you as that we had a GREAT time with our volunteer roles. The only complaint Qli had is actually a longstanding problem. Unless she is given the rights to delete objects in Caledon sims she can't put out any fires! Usually there is a Duchess in the CVFB on hand to extinguish such flames effectively but not in this she made herself a casulty instead (twice.)

Qli extremely enjoyed the dogfights with the orbs..but she wonders if there is evidence that her weaponry did any real damage..

And since she had to log out, she decided to go down in flames. Luckily anndroids are easy to put back together.

As for me, I was glad to offer my services at the M*A*S*H unit, even if I only had one patient. A rabbi one said, "If you save one life it is if you have saved the world." I spent the rest of the nigt tending to the wounds of NPCs.

I hope we can get this all behind us and come out wiser and closer in our common love of Caledon!

~Dr. Bloodwing


Current Population: 2 said...

Thanks for the feedback, Dr Mason, much appreciated...and you were well out of the weekend's mess.

The Invasion event was definitely the big success story of the week long RP, although we did get into a little bit of trouble for maybe being a little disruptive to those that just wanted to get on and live their lives in Caledon peacefully. To thos folks I extend my apologies.

Although the event fit into the militia RP timeline, it was very much spur of the moment and things like battle damage and extinguishable fires just didn't happen...sorry...maybe next time..(if I'm allowed in charge of anything more deadly than a small grape after the battle fiasco).

Everyone's participation was very must appreciated and definitely shows the template for RP events where everything works.


Alfonso Avalanche

Amber_Palowakski said...

Perhaps in future fires any flames that are placed for rp's sake should be deeded to the Independent State of Caledon group, with full perms, so that anybody in the Fire Corps can get rid of the flames when the rp is done.