Monday, July 30

In Our Absence..

Sir Drinkwater's neighbor Mr. Mesmer was extremely generous in the contribution of a psychic energy collector and orb whose function escapes me at the me in honor of the upcoming Regency Hospital. The psychic battery, I have experienced, can induce a hypnotic state in the viewer, making it an alternative to anaesthesia in special cases.

ARI has wandered off to pursue her own destiny, as clockwork dolls so often tend to do. In her place I've assembled a new daughter, Hinako Kohime. I took the opportunity to debut her at one of Kiralette's spontaneous raving parties in her Kittiswitch garden.

Later I received a special invitation from Guvna Shang to see Lapin Paris and Major Viderian receive high honors for their selflessness in helping with the Relay for Life.

In the meantime Koen and I have undertaken an expedition to Sumatra for..a family matter. Qli will handle Foundation affairs in the meantime.

I pray I find what we're looking for before the hospital opens. I know I will never feel complete until I do.

~Dr. Mason

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Godspeed on your journey, Dr. with hopes for your safe return!