Tuesday, July 31


I'm hot on the trail of the one who taught me so much, so long ago. I am close..I can feel it. But again, I am pulled away by distractions.

First in the Township of Tombstone, two new Apache tribes have moved in and are raiding, killing, and kidnapping the womenfolk in the town. They must have learned this behavior from the Gor tribes around Steelhead. The men are concerned that the women may not want to come back. I'm still trying to figure that one out..

I offered to speak to their medicine woman, healer to healer..to arrange a peace. But the Apaches only joked that medicine men take longer to stew.

Then, Madmoiselle Sperber asks me to take the Demon back. Now of all times, when I'm ready to bring closure to the one void that was left in my life, before I went to war and surrendered my sanity to the cannon fire, and let the Demon run my life for me!

But wait, it gets worse. Sheriff Thaddeus summons me and tells me that low down undertaker, Rock Acronym, is back in town. I consider heading back to Steelhead to get my revolvers and challenge him at high noon. The the Sheriff tells me that he looks ill..that he might have caught something from the brothel in that other Tombstone.

Now I'm conflicted..do I cure him..or kill him? I look in my kit for the spool of wire and a candle.

Oh yes. If he doesn't shoot me on sight, I'll cure him. And cure him good..

But before I can track him down..as if the rest of you haven't figured out, the universe imploded. The Beta grid doesn't work either. *sigh*

~Dr. Mason

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