Tuesday, July 31

Oh, Look Over Thar..

Update: It seems there was a contest going on that only one person applied for so the contest was set aside, now there's ruffled feathers. I've submitted the flag to Lunar. In the meantime you are still free to look at it and take copies.

I had designed a flag for Steelhead way back when I was still a Deputy under Mayor/Sheriff Steelwolf Pascal. (Separation of Powers? My left boot from my right boot in kickin' yer lawyerin' backside!) This was back when Steelhead was even more Wild than it was Weird. People could call Town Meetings whenever they dang well pleased, nobody collected rent, the Jardin was just a skybox and people turned to the pale, horned cowboy to save the town from the Griefer Gang. It was a contest, one of my attempts to pull the townsfolk together when the management was in absentia.

Needless to say it never got off the ground except for some lively discussions in the googlegroup my Daughter set up (steelheadcity@googlegroups.com, by the way). I couldn't draw a beaver, and the one other symbol we kept coming back to was the Lighthouse on Miss Katt's property, the one landmark that's been there since it was Ambertown and will always be there to light the way for Neo-Victorian residents and mainlanders alike.

I'm not saying it's official, very little in Steelhead ever is. But if someone has a better idea..run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it!

~Dr. Mason


Amber_Palowakski said...

I was wondering if Steelhead had an official flag.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Pardon for the real life that has come between myself and my wife keeping us from coming online. July has been a very aggravating month not just for us but the group entirely.

And later, we will discuss some questions that this... blog has raised.