Thursday, July 26

Friday is Qlippothic's Rezday..

And she will be hosting her favorite event, Robot Rampage, in Steelhead's Kokopelli Square. Sheriff Fuzzball's sister Angelica will be Guest DJ.

Dress like a robot, android, cyborg, gynoid, golem or what have you. If you don't have such an avatar, Qli found a stockpile of Doctor Steel robot casings that her evil sister had tucked away that she can give you.

Our sponsor will be the sim of Koreshan Point and their charity, the Committee to Bring Back Crimson Falls. The Bloodwing family shops there often. My "epidemic outfit" is spliced from two outfits I purchased there. Qlippothic can attest to the stores that cater to the Dolls of Second Life. And Koen tells me that is where all the "kewl" nekos shop for urban gear.

Koreshan Point stands on the original site of Crimson Falls. The island of Crimson Falls was an asylum for unfortunates stricken ill by a strain of vampirism that made them all go quite mad. It plays a critical part in my history. It was there that Bloodwing received the face we all know him by from a resident demoness. When that demoness was struck down by the Lindens for reasons too gruesome to elaborate here, we used her remains to create Qlippothic as a last act of devotion. Even if her soul had gone on to its final reward, part of her would still live on.

The head of Koreshan Point is Miss Draconic Lioncourt. Do visit her journal, and Koreshan Point. But be may look like an abandoned amusement park, but some horrors from the Falls still linger in the shadows!

~Dr. Mason

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Amber_Palowakski said...

I wish a Happy Rezz Day to Qli, and her party will be one of my stops today for certain!