Friday, June 29

You should have seen the bellhop's face..

..when a demon, a mad scientist, an android and a neko picked up the reservation under "Mason". This is Koen's first trip to the shore. I can't help but notice that he has lost a lot of weight. Appparently the Doctor performed some detoxification process on his son. He is certainly less aggressive than before.

This hotel does have an aethernet connection..but it is broken. I am stuck with the portable transmitter until the morning. No astrally projecting to Safari Night in Steelhead sadly. The plumbing here is broken as well..the pipe to the sink is not connected. I can stick my finger into the angle where water pours straight onto the floor. Sadly I forgot my tools.
Bloodwing saw a store that interests him greatly, but I only see mannequins with skimpy underthings in the window and the glass door is painted over. Doctor Mason insists "we'll have none of that nonsense here".

Right now Koen is curled up sleeping on the couch, purring something about a bracelet. Bloodwing is taking a rediculously long shower..the steam is clouding my viewscreen and the door is closed! He must be scrubbing his wings. I wish he wouldn't sing VNV Nation EVERY SINGLE TIME he's in there. Doctor Mason is already asleep. He's been more exhausted as of late. As for me I'll just prop myself in a chair and deactivate for the night. And to the rest of you..especially the half of Steelhead also taking a break from the Grid sometime this month..have a wonderful holiday!


emillyorr said...

Safari Night was sparsely attended, but a great deal of fun. Half the small crowd turned out in pith helmets, the other half were such a mix, I wondered if they'd come planning to attend a different dance, and Tensai came as a monkey.

Complete with...flinging of...ew.

Also, we captured Edward and Christine and threw them in a cookpot. There will be pictures. :)

Darien Mason said...

Flinging of poo? And CANNIBALISM? In Steelhead? By the Styx! I leave for one day and the whole SIM goes to..erm...POT..


Amber_Palowakski said...

Enjoy your holiday!

emillyorr said...

A rather large pot at that, big enough for the happy newlyweds.