Thursday, June 28

What words can do.

I was not present at the Rezday party on Sunday, where words were spoken that, I believe, many in Caledon could wish unsaid. However, Mr Drinwater and sundry others have been kind enough to give me their impressions (and in one case, a transcript) and from what I have read since, this is another example upon which I may call in considering my ancillary thesis about the activity of words. For are we not creatures made partially of language?

But I will leave that for the present.

This document, submitted to me by Mr Drinkwater, drafted out by himself and Major Margulis, is of the the correspondence type World-to-Word. It is presented here for the consideration and commentary (gently, if you please, good folk!) of such as may wish to express an opinion. Mr Drinkwater was explicit with me that this was never meant of be a code of the type Enforced, but rather to do its wreaking by consensus -- another prime example of langage as an actor in the affairs of avatars.

Proposed by Major Margulis and Mr Drinkwater
Caledon Code of Conduct:
Guiding principle: "Be good or begone"
1. Don't air your dirty skivvies in public. That's what IM's are for
2. Be nicer to everyone else than they are being to you
a. Social grease is to be applied liberally to all situations short of griefing.
b. Do your best to make everyone around you look as good as possible, or even better
3. If you must be a public nuisance, do it where nobody can see or hear you
4. What happens in IM, stays in IM.
5. Know your limits (alcohol, relationships, IM's, prim attachments) and respect those of others
6. Don't make Des come down there.

Verba, non facta.

Nonesuch Ra


emillyorr said...

An excellent proposal, and one I've been somewhat guilty on, for certain points, myself.

Pity it won't catch on.

Nonesuch Ra said...

Madame, I confess to being more sanguine of its success than yourself.

Diamanda Gustafson said...

Well, we can only guard what we have. And take it from there.

Fingers crossed.

Amber_Palowakski said...

As long as we all try to live by the rule of treating others the way we wish to be treated, that code will be followed to a "T".