Tuesday, June 26

Keeping Up..

A lovely Rezday party for Mr. Drinkwater. The Doctor showed up, was mortified that it wasn't a formal ball and shyly took the coach back home. Next time there's a rave we need to make sure Darkling slips him some more absinthe. When he mentioned that the Baroness Dimsum had lifted the Propriety Generality Ratings for the night, I was there in a flash! I think I saw Qli slink out as I came in. I probably embarrassed her. But I'm her father, That's my JOB! *laughter*

Speaking of which Qli and I have both been referred by Miss Orr to host at Dorian Gray. I am deeply grateful for Emilly's generosity. After all that has happened, my immortal soul is awestruck by her graciousness.

Unfortunately when I dropped Koen off at the Sanitorium it wasn't quite ready yet..my fellow demon sent him home. I'm trying to help him improve his writing skills so he can keep his own journal..for therapy. Dr. Mason is searching his storage containers for pictures of Lucian as past of Koen's treatment. I hope he knows what he's doing. I do wish to see what the Dr. Moreau's 'Arcanalunacy' treatments entail.

At the very least, he seems happier. Whatever drove him over the edge seems to have been resolved in his favor. May you find peace in this lifetime, Bloodtail.

As for the Doctor himself..I see him using that cane more and more. He will not speak of it, but I can feel in my copied body that something is wrong..


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Amber_Palowakski said...

It was good to see you and Qli at the party, good Doctor!