Monday, June 25

Now for a different point of view...

(repost, I admit, but it does relate to the previous...) I attended the Saturday night gunfight at Tombstone. I specifically attended because I wished to see my comrade in the Bloodwing Foundation, Dr. Mason, take on his arch-enemy, the Undertaker.

I thought they were having a sort of free for all. And so, I figured I could step up to the plate.

After all, I had my trusty LeMat combination shotgun and pistol. Apparently I violated protocol, as the sherrif shot me down with hardly a qualm while I was waiting for the countdown.

When I asked for some form of explanation, the sherrif used language that would make a sailor blush, accusing me of trying to bushwack him. When I attempted to explain, he ignored my protests and essentially told me to go to blazes. I was a bit put out..

Fortunately Dr. Mason had his reanimation fluid handy. I was not very impressed with the way they run things in Tombstone, and won't be back for a while after this rude reception.


Darien Mason said...

Yes, the Wild West sims (not the Weird Wild West mind you) tend have a "shoot first and ask questions later" mentality. The other TS had a jail and a courthouse, but since no one would ever be taken alive it was never used.

Amber_Palowakski said...

My first reception at Tombstone was wonderful, the Sheriff and Mayor of the town were quite friendly, and one of the Navajo Elders was quite a gracious host. My second visit there, I didn't have as warm a reception, but still not a bad visit, while my third visit there again I was greeted warmly.

Now my two visits to Tombstone Arizona, on the other hand were decidedly much less friendly. The first time, the Mayor there and one of the official greeters outright ignored me after repeated attempts to say hello to them, and they just continued in their own discussions, as if I were invisible. Only their deputy took any time to talk to me and show me around. The second visit, they had gotten very persnickity about me showing (NOT using, mind you, my Ordinal Malaprop Repeating Engine rifle to another visitor there, explaining how I used it as an anti-griefer weapon.