Sunday, June 24

No work for the Undertaker that night!

Waiting for the shootouts to begin. Not the shotgun-wielding Granny. I was more afraid of her than any of the contestants. A bank guard beat all of the local lawmen for the prize. And Colonel O'Toole was shot down for trying to compete without paying the entry fee and for not wearing a cowboy hat. I ran short on reanimation serum, so a couple of them shambled about searching for brains a few hours afterward. Speaking of which I should leave a present for that cowardly Undertaker who never showed his face.

(And to answer you question Emilly, he attacked Darkling and I while I was still in the brain jar. Even if he did mistake me for a monster it's still rude start shooting in a stranger's home!)

But I did get a bigger doctor's office downtown!

And in other news, I passed through Dark City and picked up Koen by the scruff of his neck and dropped him back in the 19th century where he belongs. The Doctor will be admitting him in the Sanitorium as soon as it opens. They think some of their therapies will calm him and make him more civilized. But I'll be watching closely. That's still my son Vortex hidden in that weak incarnation!

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Well, at least I know where to go to the Doctor when I visit Tombstone, and some gun-happy cowboy loses his head and decides to shoot a defensless woman.