Saturday, June 23

Carnage and More Carnage

First there was Dr. Moreau's demonstration of proper trainside safety in the Cay that went horribly wrong. Luckily I had plenty of reanimation serum on hand.

Upon my return home I ralized I'm giong to need better communications with the Foundation in case another such emergency transpires. I've invited Chief Architect Lumina Elvejhem and Researcher Nonesuch Ra to post in this journal. I've also invited Caledon's Colonel (or is it Post Captain?)Hotspur O'Toole to join the Foundation. (Thank you verymuch for fur cloak, by the way! I'll be sure to wear it when winters comes 'round again or my travels take me to colder climes!)

Now I'm off to Tombstone Sim. There's a lot of hootin' and hollerin' on a Saturday night and that means a shootout. I'm also going to see if that loathsome Undertaker Rock Acronym shows up. I've challenged him for attaacking me and Lady Darkling in my own home and bulldozing my Tombstone practice.Bloodwing may have carried a badge in two cities, but I was still an Officer in the Capper Brigade! My revolver is loaded and ready. Wish me luck.

~Dr. Mason

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emillyorr said...

I had heard of the tea party on the train tracks, and very nearly attended...but I'm down to six lives as it is, and didn't want to press my luck.

Rock Acronym (what a name!) attacked you and Miss Elytis in your own home? When was this? Does the Sheriff know?