Thursday, June 21

My New Office?

How wonderful of Kiralette to refer Dr. Fourzy to me! He is looking for staff to help run his new Sanitorium in Caledon Tam..and of course I am an expert on psychological traumas such as demonic possession and exposure to Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Oh great..back to the Sanitarium. Crimson Falls all over again. At least there the *inmates* were running the place. And this madhouse already *has* a Guardian Demon.

We now return to the Doctor's babbling, already in progress.

Afterwards I strolled down to Baroness Amber's estate for the Midsummer Ball. I wore my new Night Moon kilt for the first time for this occasion. It was a huge crowd..I think I even saw Steelhead's own "Baroness", the reclusive Kattrynn Severine! But with all the swinging tartans and taffeta of course, the time dilation was extreme. But it was a wonderful event.

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