Saturday, June 30

The Price of Banishment

I've had much to think about already on this vacation. I've pondered my self-imposed exile of two months. It accomplished the primary task. It gave time for tha anguish to subside and quell the bitterness that was bleeding into the deva's life. It extricated me from the train wreck. It restored a friendship.

But the cost was high. My Priestess was left in shock..I never got to see her demon children, much less attend the birth. And now she is bitter that I was called back to my former duties without a true contest. I mourn that the most.

That inscrutable saloon girl seemed repulsed and attracted at the same time, and was offended when the Doctor didn't recognize her. Not only did she resist attempts to repair the bridge, she complained behind my back to a trusted friend because she was too cowardly to face me herself.

Everyone knew how to summon me. But except for one Madmoselle, none of them ever did, except the one who could undo the banishment entirely. So many missed me, yet did conjure me. I know this was coordinated. I know at least two names. But it is not worth it to demand an explanation. Steelhead has been through enough.


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