Sunday, July 1

The Rejoining, Part I

Dr. Mason collapsed during breakfast and had to be carried back to the hotel.. Bloodwing tried to revive him, but to no avail. That is when my demon-father told me Koen and I what I had suspected but dreaded to hear.

The cloning procedure was flawed from its conception. Neither body could survive with but half a soul. The Doctor's necromantic arts had sustained him thus far, and the demon clung to his second body by sheer force of will.

"Daughter", Bloodwing said. "One way or another the Foundation must survive. And this Current Victorian Age..and the Ages to follow..need a pioneer of medicine more that it needs an exiled demon-prince. Do you know the one thing that is almost impossible for a demon to commit, sweet Qli?"

My jaw dropped. "No can't mean.."

With that he held me tight, enshrouding my with crimson wings. He whispered his love, and his orders. He turned to Koen and did the same, though the cat protested.

The Demon scooped the nearly lifeless Doctor in his arms. Then he said the three words I never thought I would hear him say.


With that the sky darkened and the wind howled outside like in my nightmare before. The door flung open to the chaos outside. Just as the door slammed shut behind him a wall of pure darkness fell over them both. Moments later the darkness gave way to the morning rays again. Both my fathers had vanished without a trace.

"What did he mean?" asked Koen.
"The one thing against a demon's primal nature", I said, "is self-sacrifice."



Amber_Palowakski said...

*is filled with wonder and more than a little fear, contemplating what could possibly happen next*

emillyorr said...

*wonders if she brought the demon back just for him to go away again...*

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Oh, that's just GREAT!!! Now we have to search for a new Events Coordinator for Steelhead.

Rassin' frassin' somethingorotherneedtothinkofcursewordstoadd....