Wednesday, June 6

Meanwhile in the Lab..

*Darien reads Kiralette's journal, The eyes in his cranial jar incapable of displaying emotion. His lumbering exoskeleton turns from his aether transmitter back to the glowing nutrient chamber, where he glances up at his own damaged face in the solution. His current "head" rotates to examine the controls as giant metal claws delicately flip switches and dials. The speaker in his torso captures the music of an escaped memory through wires as he concentrates. Does the Doctor even hear?*

and finding time so hard I pray
that this moment last forever
and will the world stay standing still
at least for me?

*The Doctor's brain does not turn its eyes upwards, only noting a a slight increase in hearbeat in the printouts below. He fails to notice the expression of sadness that passes over his true face.

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