Thursday, June 7

Losing Track of My Self

I tried to attend to business in green Tombstone while still in my exoskeletal shell. The residents were a bit..hasty at first.

In the midst of all this back in Steelhead my body, sans brain, decided to slip out of the nutrient tank and take a stroll outside.

First, he helped himself to Miss McAllisters cookies at the bakery, including trying to sample the advertisements. Then he drank from the larger fountain and tried to hold a conversation with statue of Diana on top.

He then ambled over to the Town Hall and took the podium to give a formulaic but nonetheless incoherent speech. The turkey objected on a point of order and it soon became a two way chasing match.

After being ejected from the Hall by said turkey my he frolicked a bit in the Public Garden under the gentle watchful eyes of Miss Lumina.

In imitation of classic monster movies Darien-minus climbed to the top of the lighthouse and bellowed. Local law enforcement seemed reticent to intervene, so I finally wired Qli to gate in from Caledon and rescue him. Te task was successful, and my stray body is now sleeping soundly in his bed after a glass of warm milk.

~Dr. Mason

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