Saturday, June 9

Answers are Required

My analysis of the fur samples are incontravertible. Koen is a Sumatran Bloodtail..a rare breed of neko, almost never found outside the Indonesian jungle..except for the old Bloodwing estate.

And while there are legacy human genes in the neko species as a whole, he is clearly a direct hybrid..his hands are human while his feet still have a paw configuration. And the human DNA markers match that of my family.

His apparent age tells me he must have been born after Lucian was taken from me. But how did she survive? My memories of the..accident?..are blurry from the same fumes that made her collapse. But somehow, I must have saved her.

I've been replaying the aether broadcast of the attack over and over..out of hearing range of my body. Koen is showing classic symptoms of transferred anger. He believed I left his mother for dead.

I even tried to summon the Demon to get answers from him. But he cannot enter a disembodied brain nor a human form without a cortex. The banishment saved my life. The Demon's activating the Cerebral Recovery Droid saved my life as well. But this is not how I want my relationship with my son to end. I must consider how and when t recover him, and heal his tortured soul.

If Koen is to be rehabilitated I must know more about the trigger event.

I believe a visit to Bardhaven is in order.

-Dr. Mason

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