Wednesday, June 6

I ain't got no body / that I can depend on

Am I alright? Let's just stay I'm stabilized. Am I dead? Not at this moment. I had this exoskeleton assembled for just such an emergency. As soon as the danger had passed, it activated, emerging from its hiding place and rescuing my brain in the jar you see on top. Am I in pain? No. Just rather numb. And sometimes I hallucinate a bit. Just bear with me.

One of those cursed Undertakers raided my home to try and pull me back into the grave! Meddlesome pests! They are to the Reanimators and the Created what the Men in Black are to extraterrestrials, or the Hunters are to the Undead. They must have caught on to me when they put my new doctor's office next to the undertaker's parlor in Tombstone. Between Darkling's magicks and my exoskeleton we made short work of that gothic cowboy reject from the wrestling ring!

I've stored what's left of my body in a healing tank in the laboratory. In a week its systems should be stable enough for cranial reimplantation.

Darkling has been so very helpful. She took my shopping in SteamSkyCity to shop and relax. I purchased a new steam generator for the Tesla coil..that way I don't have to wait for a lighting storm to pursue my experiments!

Questions upon Questions

I have not heard form Koen or the Demon since the attack. Qli is furious of course, but I am withholding judgment until I get more information.

Sumatran Bloodtailed Nekos are a rare species. I cannot dismiss out of hand that Koen is somehow related to Lucian, but is he really her son? Did Lucian survive the accident, after inhaling those paint fumes in the locked boathouse? How did I survive my rescue attempt for that matter?

If this is true, then my parents deceived me. They told me she died and they scattered her ashes! They sent me on my way, grieving, to the University and Medical School while poor Lucian was left to fend for herself in the city streets, to son? Was he living paw-to-mouth while I was putting my life at risk as a medic in the Capper Brigade?

Is Koen really my son as his spirit-form Vortex is the Demon's? Just as B________ needs me as a host body in this century, so would his child need a mortal to inhabit as well. As above, so below. Does this mean Lucian was an avatar of Sekhmet as well? Was my tragic life history planned a millennium in advance?

To Find an Answer

Darkling has offered to cast a memory spell, but I must be rejoined with my body first. Not all memories reside in the brain, it is true.

If any of this is true, I will have to rethink the role I have set myself to play in life, and try to undo the damage done.

~Dr. Mason

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