Friday, April 13

One Piece Removed..

..and the whole puzzle changes. Just as I begin mourning for my saddest goodbye, my daughter from the nightmare world opened a burning tome. She recognized the seal touched it to contact her long-lost Aunt.

It seems her rage has subsided. I am told she bears no ill will towards the house. With hesitance I write to her with cordiality.

But there is one question left unanswered that must be addressed. Among demons the tongue and pen can leave deeper wounds than the sword. One thrust wounded me so deeply that I almost packed my bags and left this Grid forever. I need to know if what she said was indeed true..or perhaps seemed true to her when I let my guard down and tried to reconcile too soon.

Demons expect betrayal of each other. Forgiveness is worth more than diamonds to us. Witout it every last Demon would withdraw to cloisters of despair or devastate the landscapes with firebrands of rage.

Your skills speak volumes to your talents, Sweet Sysperia. I am listening. And I am watching.


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