Saturday, April 14

Disco and Delirium

The Horror.. The Horror..

Well alright it wasn't that bad Except for that THING on my head. My horns still itch.

Bell bottoms and ill-conceived color coordinations abounded.

Sheriff Fuzzball looked like he was attacked by a Baskin Robbins truck.And that's the least offensive color scheme he had for the night!

Hotspur O'Toole won the men's contest with red Hibernian take on De Funk.

Jezebele Dagger's Afro won in the women's section. She just happened to be under it..

Tonight I plan to get garb I mean. Now I'll put that Travoltino monstrosity away in my back closet and see if the meddlesome moths choke on its synthetic fibers.

And one more thing..contraty to what my daughter said I have subsequently declined the Marshal job in Tombstone. The only rules I shall enforce hereafter will be in MY House and at MY events. I've torn through enough hats and pulled enough lead out of my abdomen thank you very much.

I WILL however be hosting two more nights a week at Club Delirium. Thank you dear Sister Lumia for introducing me to this new benefactor!


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