Sunday, April 15

Once Upon a Time..

Once. Such a sad word.

There once was a handsome Prince who loved to throw elaborate balls. He went to his old friend Acedia Albion's new island to pick up the new armor she made just for the occasion.

He noticed a wedding chapel. Must be for those Happily Ever After endings he's heard about.

Just as he was about to leave he was stopped by a guard. At first I thought my niece Elisa Elliot had a HUGE growth spurt, but then I realized that sometime even Ogres fall into the goth-loli scene. And of course where else would such a creature escape derision but upon Acedia Island?

The guard demanded in the sweetest double baritone that I sit with her(?) for tea. I saw the only two chairs nearby were too small, even for me. Not wishing to upset this creature..or my dear friend Acedia..I pulled up an invisible chair and cheerfully poured some Earl Grey.

After the surprisingly pleasant exchange and returned to Steelhead. It felt food to be in armor again, remembering all the battles I fought long ago. My instincts were still with me, thankfully for I heard the distinct WHOOSH in the air of a hail of arrows! A defensive crouch just barely saved my armor from being punctured. I spat out a few choice Spartan curses as the cowardly snipers gobbled insanely and fled as fast as their grubbing little feet could carry them.

I whistled for my trusty steed Xerxes and galloped to the Hotel before I fell into some other nefarious trap. There I found the Hotel barred from entry! Was this sabotage? No..Lunar was just running late. Lady Kirawil told me by coincidence that her steed was named Leonidas. We wisely decided to keep the beasts separated.

I suppose the carpet needed to be replaced, but I did prefer the darker tones.

Here I am dancing with the lovely Lady Annastina.

Afterwards I slipped through a crack in space into Caledon, for a deliciously decadent party thrown for a good cause. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of those delicious Duchess Sandwiches I've heard so much about.

While dancing with Miss Lapin I congratulated her on the success of her charity endeavors..except for the War. She asked me why it had gone so horribly wrong. I explained to her that whenever Ares is summoned..even in jest..he will burn a fire in the hearts of men that will not be satiated until the Red God's spear is drenched point to pommel in the lifeblood of the fallen.

I requested a favorite song. I should have remembered the context has has changed.

Distant days, I long to sense it all so clear.

In the midst of jubilation and generosity, I suddenly felt that cold familiar sensation of loneliness and regret.

Despite the wisdom of defeat I bore my heart for all to see the wonders I'd seen.

I retired to my court chamber. Please..there is no need to comfort me.


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