Monday, April 16

And the Brood Grows

Ladies, Gentlemen and Herms:

May I present Mr. Trekkie Masala. He may be newly rezzed, but his deva and mine have been friends since dialup Bulletin Board Systems were considered state of the art and the 2400 baud rate was an innovation.

I immediately rescued him from Help Island and fitted him with something stylish. I introduced him to my inner circle of friends, who approved of his sense of humor and knowledge of things geekified.

..but some things you still have to learn on your own.

Happy Exploring, dear friend! With the gifts my friend and I gave you I hope to be pleasantly surprised by the next shape you assume!


Hotspur O'Toole said...

What an odd coincidence. I recently experienced almost exactly the same occurence in second life. My old friend from the collegium, Subedar Singh, found me courtesy of Google and Blogspot and decided to call on me at Polymath. I am rapidly trying to get him kitted up stylishly, as well.. he needs to log in more often so I can introduce him to a decent tailor.. :-D



*and the package you sent offline has been received and sent to the proper authorities*

Darien Mason said...

How wonderful! Of course the more Friends, Relatives, and Coworkers rez into our shared delirium, the more explaining we have to do!

And House Bloodwing is eternally grateful for your assistance in that other matter.


emillyorr said...

He seems a pleasant fellow, I hope we speak again.