Thursday, April 12

Recovery, Recruitment, Reproduction and Retro

DON'T PANIC, Dear Reader. It's not what it looks like.

Last night I spent many hours with Miss Darkling in her "chill room" in Tanglewood, catching up on the twists and turns in each other's lives, and discussing intriguing opportunities not yet disclosable. Also I did something I should have done long ago..I welcomed her to my House.

I did the same for Miss Dagger, who with her parter Miss Weirs (Weirs-Dagger? How lovely!)last night became the "alpha mother" for two bouncing baby..demonic..well I really must see the wee bairns for myself!

(once they are actually born that is)

As the new Bloodwing Priestess she has promised an emblem and a flag for my House, which all members may proudly display on their residences. In return, I buy her some slinky piece of gothic attire from Acedia's. A fair trade, certainly!

Speaking of which Acedia tells me my armor is ready. While I don't plan to go slaying dragons with it I am sure it will me most impressive!

And..I bought an outfit for Friday. Qli tells me that this "polyester" was a new invention in the decade the suit came from, so of course everyone had to try it. Also, because of the feel of it they had a ready excuse for taking it off to proceed to more engaging activities. Now that I can understand!

But I don't understand this THING I'm supposed to wear on my head! It's so huge it hides my horns, and I can't even SEE with it on! How can one solitary prim be so damned UGLY?


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