Monday, April 23

"no more, demon. no more"

With those words, so love was shattered.

House Bloodwing trembles and windows break.

With those words, so the Son of Hades was banished.

The scream echoed through Steelhead City chilling every living soul. A broken talisman repairs itself and the soul rushes to its proper vessel. Horns crumble and pale features melt like greasepaint. Eye burn like the core of anger, then close.

With those words, the Man caged in the Ancient's hubris was freed.

Blue eyes stare up at the parting black clouds and a human hand weakly stretches towards the Sun.

For seven generations the Incubus is again banished from the mortal realm.

Clear tears well down his cheeks, tears of joy.

Thank you, G_d! I'm free! I'm finally FREE!

And the burden of a godling's legacy falls on mortal shoulders.

Doctor Mason rises to his feet, brushes himself off, and calmly enters his house, shutting the door behind him.

Tell the devil it's time you gave him his due
He should go back to hell, he should shake in his shoes
Cause the mightiest, scariest, creature is you

Goodnight demon slayer, goodnight
Now it's time to close your tired eyes
There's devils to slay and dragons to ride
If they see you coming, hell they better hide

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight my little slayer goodnight


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