Tuesday, April 24

Posted to the door of House Bloodwing

Dear Friends,

I have traveled across the the pond to repair Qlippothic and bring her home. I will also be "down for repairs" as I learn what it's like to be human again, and sort through the mess the Demon has left for me. I do intend to open a doctor's office at my residence after my spiritual healing. I thank everyone for your kind words and letters of support in this my most difficult hour. The main floor of the House (which I shall rename the Bloodwing Foundation) shall remain open to members as I recuperate upstairs. But do please respect our privacy.

Also, Qlippothic Steel is no more. Apparently the Demon's banishment was too much of a Paradox for her and she disappeared in a puff of logic, leaving a her engine and a black uniform behind.

Vortex is the Demon's son, not mine. His notes tell me he was last seen in Lumidor. I think it best to leave him be.

When we are ready to re-enter the community, Qli will take over the Demon's hosting duties in Steelhead. I fear I am more of a lecturer than an entertainer, and a poor dancer as well!

Best Wishes to my friends in Steelhead and the Colonies. Be Well.


Dr. Darien James Mason, MD, PhD.

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

Glad to see you back, Doc.