Saturday, April 21

From the Pacific to the Meditteranean

Friday's Tiki Party went smashingly well even though I spent most of the time hiding my exposed skeleton behind a huge mask. Sheriff Fuzzball looked casual yet dignified at his state of the art double grammaphone. Grass skirts and fire staves abounded. Sir Edward Pearse look very distinguished in his grass kilt. The decorations were fabulous..and even the Tiki God behind me enjoyed himself. Except near the end after he tried to crush me the second time and I banished him.

I had a somber talk with Emilly after the festivities as she continued to dance with a new companion. If all I have left is friendship and memories, then so be it. Even if I cannot help but look back, I shall carry on.

Less than an hour ago I completed ceremonies at the Steelhead Toga Party. Tensai Hilra created a marvelous dais upon which to orchestrate the celestial songs. Note the Ionic columns and hanging vines..I haven't since such opulence since..well..for a long time. I came as my Hydra form. I was surprised by how many people had never seen me in this cursed shape! But Sinister and Dexter behaved themselves.

I was particularly struck by Miss Jezebel Dagger's floating Phoenix interpretation.

Next Friday Is Egyptian Night in Kokopelli Square and next Saturday is the Masquerade Ball! I hope to see you there! };oD


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