Wednesday, April 18

The Long Pastel Teatime of the Soul

I wish Miss McAllister were here to help me bake all this. I did just send her a birthday present form here after all.. At least the Loli-Oni let me go home long enough to sit in the Town Meeting. They took Xerxes as collateral. Egyptian Night next Saturday, Formal Masquerade on Sunday. Egyptian. I don't have a thing Egyptian. I asked my son Vortex if he had any suggestions while he helped me pack up the cartload of frozen turkeys I had stashed in the sub-basement.

And here comes the UPS man! Let me sign here..Thanks!

Now..a little bit of Hellfire and these things should be golden brown! It's a good thing I already gutted them! Now..arrange them on the platters..decorate with purple cabbage..put the giant cranberry Jello-mold out..

*stares at the mold* I don't know you, do I? *shrug* Well if you're alive you better jiggle outta here in ten seconds..

*changes from chef's outfit to waiter's suit and picks up a metal staff to ring a huge triangle..He trembles from the vibration until he drops the staff*


*earth starts trembling*

*closeup of Darien crossing his fingers behind his back*

To Be Continued..


Fuzzball Ortega said...


Egyptian Night next Friday. Masquerade Formal next Saturday.

I'm about to tear into those ogresses who've captured you. They've got you completely confused.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am so pleased to find you here in the aether. I have enjoyed reading your entries tremendously and shall add your blog to my list in short order.


p.s. See you at the next rave in Caledon??

emillyorr said...

::sneaks up::


Bare Rose. Look for Anubis.

::sneaks away quietly::

Darien Mason said...


Thanks for clearing that up, one day bled into another when I was the. Time to make the pastries? I MADE the pastries!


Thanks for the tip!

Your Grace,

Keep me appraised! I had no idea Caledon had such a wild side!