Thursday, April 19

And They All Fall Down / Calling all British!

Just as I planned..the Loli-Oni gorged themselves on turkey sandwiches and in a few hours the tryptophan put them out!

Not a moment too soon..I have to get ready for Tiki Night in Kokopelli Square!

And now for something completely different.

This is Miss crook Shnook. She is one of those rarest of SL avatars, the researchicus documentarius. She is investigating SL for her company, Films of Record as well as for a grade.

The "rubbish" is that she hasn't found any Brits online at this stage. Just Yanks, Aussies and Canucks. And DON'T try faking an accent just to get interviewd. She says she can tell if you're not grim enough.

You may also contact her at

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