Tuesday, April 17

They Kiss Me and Hug Me and Call Me George

The good news is the Goth Loli Ogresses (which I will call the Loli-Oni for short hereafter) gave me enough free time to pose in my armor for Acedia's diary, both on horseback and dismounted. (See the Fashion Mogul link on your right.) She even took footage for YouTube video of me demonstrating my marital prow..excuse me, martial prowess! You will most certainly see it posted here.

(I do hope the musical score matches..)

Analogue Montagne seemd shocked that the Loli-Oni had stolen her hairstyle. Maybe she can convince them to let me go?

The bad news is I've been forced to do servant work for these powerful yet effeminate giants. The teapot is easily the size of a beer keg and I think I got a hernia from pouring it all day..with pinkies raised of course!

And then the finger sandwiches. These humongous harajuku consume THOUSANDS of tiny little strips of crustless bread filled with who-knows-what that have to be served just so on this multi-tiered platter the size of Princess Diana's wedding cake. And thy sit and talk about quaint little pleasantries..

I saw this pretty unicorn the other day! I tapped her with my magic wand and she made such a funny sound, like peanut brittle! I took her home and put her in my dollhouse next to the other princes!

OTHER Princes? *gulps*

And for hours and hours I have to hand cut every..single..


Ow..ow..it's OK..it's growing back already..did I say "hand cut?" I haven't lost this many body parts since Tombstone! From that..erm..mountain lion..yeah..that's what it was..

What am I going too? They never seem to run out of food or time to eat it..I..


I think I'll call my neighbors..


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