Thursday, March 11

my defenses are down a kiss or a frown

Bloodwing stared at the black crystalline neuron embedded only a cell's breadth away from the nexus of Darien's life-force. He looked back to the soulblade, still glowing in his pale hands. He furrowed his brow as his crimson wings shook in agitation.

A stray thought from the realm of the Spark above flitted down between his feet, and hovered over the neuron, tapping it frantically with its antennae. The translucent image on its body was that of a knife switch on a panel, upon which was hastily etched PULL INCSOF EMRGNCY.

The demon grimaced. "I get the point! Now get out of the way!" The creature darted as the Founder raised his arms and drove the blade downwards, shattering the neuron. His blade dissolved instantly as he covered his eyes from the flood of light now surrounding him.

"Bloodwing?" A gentle voice echoed. "Can it truly be my beloved? After all this time?"

"Beloved...?" Bloodwing felt a hand rest on his lower back and a warm kiss on his cheek. Was that a breastplate pressed against his chest? He resisted the strong unexpected urge to lean into the embrace and purse his lips. He should not be letting his guard down like this, he thought. He hesitantly opened one eye. "Your affections are quite earnest...but forgive me if..." He opened both eyes wide from shock.

"When..." His eyes drifted from the white feathers to the brass armor of ancient cast. He stared slack-jawed into the rain-cloud eyes of a face with with features delicate and smooth as marble, adorned with shoulder-length hair he was at a loss to place between red and blond. He felt his will dissolving in a sugary tide of fascination.

"When did I fall in love with an angel?"

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