Tuesday, March 2

Did you miss me?


Did you miss me, my friends?

We now have a Second Life 2.0. Why not a Darien 2.0? I'm already the worst-kept secret in the Steamlands, aren't I?

Sure, I may have gained a few pounds, perhaps my mustache needs to grow back a bit...and don't be alarmed by the emerald gleam in my eyes. But yes. The Scientist has been back among you for quite some time. With a lovely little feature, I've woven my secret adventures back into the Caravel, starting here.

I've even taken on an assistant, a poor little match girl I found frozen on the streets of New Babbage around Christmas-time, that I promptly revived. I'm quite proud of little Wren, with her sometimes slightly overzealous desire to serve me that drives the flame of her gaslamp heart.

And it gets even better! Qlippothic has returned from her adventures in the deep aether to power my latest experiment! The three of us are going to put a little magic back into New Babbage!

*cackles insanely for a good 30 seconds*

Oh. Is this thing still on? Sorry.


1 comment:

Rhianon Jameson said...

Perhaps not "worst-kept secret," but when even I had a guess...

I take it you're assuming that certain Powers that Be aren't avid readers of the Bloodwing saga. :)