Saturday, January 9

Wren's been up to something

I haven't actually slept since the Return. The stasis chamber I used for the gargoyle was...restful, but more of a meditative state than a subconscious one.

What, then, caused me to collapse and lose consciousness last week? One minute I was unpacking some recovered artifacts from Mason Labs that Ama had put in storage (I hear she's engaged? I have to meet the lucky fellow!), the next Wren was crouched over me, terrified. She's been evasive on details.

I need to speak to Wren about the dangers of electricity. The silly girl got herself struck by lightning! She's lucky she didn't blow herself to pieces, I need to replace her frame and her entire cog array! She's lasted longer than some of my other Dolls, true, but at this rate...

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