Wednesday, January 13

triage and ultimatum

(NOTE: Reference made to Spoilers in the Shadow of the 13 Saga feel free to skip.)

There was a case of spontaneous human combustion today in Babbage, the death toll has yet to be fully counted. I was so busy tending to the wounded I did not have to consider how the flight of this "Willard" so closely resembles my own. Will I meet his fate as well?

And still my work is hampered by reality enforcement devices! I could have saved at least one life with an alchemical compound that will not mix while the citizenry play with these toxic radiations! As we can see from the case of "Willard" above, the devices seem to have minimal effect on Necromatic furmulae. That may explain why I'm still standing.

I am done trying to get it through the Clockwinder's distracted skull that these devices are even more harmful than the soot he loves to roll in like a chazer. It is time to take matters into my own hands.

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