Friday, June 5

winding keys and studying dark hieroglyphics

Thanks to Lady Fauve I have had the pleasure of speaking with and viewing the artwork of Snowbell Caproni. I have seen him at public events before and heard the Dolls speaking of the "angel dollmaker", but now after being formally introduced I recognize him as one of those few, like myself, who see through and work beyond those arbitrary walls between Science and Magick.

I am particularly intrigued by some ancient scrolls he possesses that that resemble the gyphs and diagrams from the Selenite mines beneath Caledon. I will be setting up an art exhibit of Mr. Caproni's work and findings in Mason Labs shortly.

Fair Warning: Please note that those unaccustomed to the "Gothic Lolita" culture may find some of these artworks disturbing.

Also, beginning next Friday, Mr. Caproni and I will both be assisting Lady Fauve in a new venue on her Barony. I do miss hosting in the Steamlands...


Rhianon Jameson said...

Surrrrre...lure people to Mason Labs with an exhibit, then disintegrate them as they go through the door. Clever, although it's difficult to use that technique to discriminate between those you really want to turn into their component atoms and those you'd like to keep around a bit longer.

Darien Mason said...

That Jeremiah person recalibrated the field to be a deanimation field. You only need to worry if you're undead. As long as you're not a zombie or vampire trying to steal'll let you in.