Saturday, June 6

Introducing Ms. Audurbugh

Those of you who monitor the twittersphere regularly may know of @CynthiaY29, an avid collector and distributor of news, factoids and diversions along with polite disclosure and libertarian expression. Being the inquisitive sort she dipped her toes into Second Life, and like many newcomers she felt overwhelmed by the options. I graciously invited her to Mason Labs.

After a short tour of my Steelhead residence I invited her along to witness the wedding of my old and dear friend, Annastina Christensen.

After the ceremony was complete, I accompanied her to Sheriff Ortega's birthday party onboard a pirate ship in Steelhead's harbor.

She asked me the normal questions all newcomers ask, but with the sort of politeness and tactful observations one rarely sees from the stereotypical "n00b". I am sure she will quickly become as influential a figure in Second Life as she is on Twitter.

The only unpleasant surprise that evening was seeing what Lady Fauve's Fae magicks had done to Miss Eugenia Burton!


Anonymous said...

At least it was cheap to feed me at that size!

Forelle Broek said...

Now I'm even sorrier that I missed that party.