Saturday, June 13

OSGrid - Making Contact

This is Shortdog Philbin and Marcus Llewellyn, the first two conversationalists I've met in OSGrid. I found them on a near by beach, taking a break from building and scripting. Indeed, as I suspected, the place is a Builder's Paradise. (Also noteworthy is there is no Linden Tax on taking daguerrotypes...) They confirmed that the economy varies from island to island, always arbitrary but mostly nonexistent. What does economy anyway when everyone is creating supplies ex nihlo?

I was able to brighten their day in return for their hospitality. They were unaware that Miss Kirsten, a developer they admired, had come out of seclusion and produced a new viewer, Kirstens S17. How gleeful they were!

I asked if there were any solid communities in OSGrid, and they were told by their Chief Builder that that was their "next step". They confirmed reports I read of elven tribes and dragons that migrated here. They provided me with coordinates to a Steampunk community near the place where I first landed here. (That explains the graphophone I discovered among the bric-a-brac at the collection sites.) It is an region called Quirm. I tried to tesseract there...I swear I saw the gaslamps! Only to be snapped back to the beach where my new friends were kvetching about "failing asset servers". The scene faded to monochrome as Ash pulled me back to the Gygax as a precaution.

Tomorrow...on to Quirm!

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