Saturday, June 13

Exploration of OSGrid

Close by the Grid are a cluster of less-developed Grids that are preferred by the Builders among us who wish to work undisturbed by the hubbub of the Linden environment. At first I was hesitant to tesseract down. The world was sparsely populated (scanners detected a population of 32 and the land seemed rather unstable...100 islands had just mysteriously vanished the night before. But Gem and Ash told me they would have to turn off the oxygen supply to make improvements on the ship, so...

There I am. Erm, no. I'm the one in the front. While Ruthitis has been eradicated in Linden territories, it is the newcomer state here. I was also frequently afflicted with bouts of rickets and paralysis. Indeed, it reminds me much of the SL of four years ago when I first emigrated.

The architecture and clothing of other visitors are quite basic. I have yet to see a flexi prim. Or a poseball. Or gratefully, any bling.

I began scavenging. One store of free and almost-free supplies granted me $999,999 of he the local currency. What sort of economy *is* this?

Oddly enough, the most well-crafted equipment I've found are built be the Hobos! Hmmm...hobos...perhaps if I contact young Master Bermann...

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