Thursday, April 23

setting the tragic hero plotline aside for a moment...

I've enjoyed my state of semi-retirement from the entertainment industry, as much as I've missed Novem. I tried my hand at 7Seas fishing. I took some forlorn alts out for a walk. I turned some inspiration from caffeine overdoses into new Bloodwing Mythos storylines that are keeping a few of you at the edge of your seats.

Gematria's doing a great job of hosting for SteelCobra for Squidvenom on Mondays, don't get me wrong. SteelCobra plays some great 80's and Industrial music. But when they're competing against Radio Riel AND Steelhead AND that pirate club in Caledon for the same timeslot, they're lucky to get one or two visitors.

Enter Annastina Christensen. We've worked together at Gypsy's Midnight Club and a few other places. Now she's got her own club: Catalyst. Guess who's going to host. :D

It's has a metal-plate warehouse feel, like Mason Labs with more sunlight. It has potential. Maybe a few tesla coils...

Catalyst will be opening in early June. It's an all-avatars club, like Giggles and Vortex (no relation). Just remember to Behave and Have Fun!

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hey! Well done! I still have no idea what you do, so I'll have to come along one night :)