Thursday, April 23

in the presence of mine enemies

"I have seen civilizations fall one after the other in my immortality. For some I have gloated upon their demise, but for some I have wept. But fall they always do."

A dark moon has fallen over the Steamlands. Doctor Obolensky destroys property with impunity. Miss Burton's powers could have protected us all, but thanks to that madman she can only voice the fear that even the bravest among us must carry.

"Man was never meant to harness the Fire of Apollo, Seventh Son. Even the gods fear when you mortal children play with matches."

Meanwhile in Steeltopia, Emperor Calamari's soldiers are massacred and their cargo - the Omega particles - are stolen. A man from the shadows usurps the Emperor, and he is thrown in chains for a crime he did not commit. What madness has washed over my own Steelheaders to be a party to this charade?

"All the power I have given your line comes with a price..."

Jeremiah Mason has returned with a Steel unit and claimed the lives of my brother and built son. Bloodwing's firstborn, the Vortex, claims the Obsidian Throne and sent his hordes topworld to retrieve the splinter of himself that is my son Koen. Even among loved ones he hides like a fugitive.

And now, adding to the chaos, the Other has found its way through the portal of worlds from Europa to Steelhead and claimed the life of my neighbor, Xandra Skytower.

I will protect those I hold dear with the last shred of my humanity! I need more power. More. More reanimation serum, for more enhancements, for more magic. More. MORE!

" one in this family has ever had a happy ending."


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

But where? Where will you find it?

Darien Mason said...

*slams the morgue drawer shut, wings spread wide as he scowls*


Anonymous said...

" one in this family has ever had a happy ending."

This statement is not as sad as it seems. It does allow for hope. You will note that it does not say 'no one in this family ever has a happy ending'. Instead, it points out that, thus far, no one has *had* one.

I will keep up hope!