Thursday, February 19

the stars are right

It was a total lunar eclipse over Steelhead, with three planets aligned. I doubled the wards around the laboratory (including a Voorish Sign) and added structural reinforcements to the dolls.

Ash had led me astray with a false artifact. He knew I was not ready until I realized that she would not return simply because I missed her. She would only return for a reason.

Belhaven was in flames, and not from any act of Nature. Mr. Allen's build was especially designed to contain the Spheres. The frame's energy efficiency meant the steam engine was only a fraction

Kether! Chokmah! Binah! Da'ath!

The laboratory began to tremble as the veil between world began to fray. I heard the distant roar of something monstrous and reptilian. A moment of doubt. Was I bringing about the same disaster in Steelhead that Count Diablo wrought on Belhaven? The Sephirot were arriving and they could not be left separated. I had to continue.

Chesed! Geburah! Tiphareth!

The summoning was taking far more effort than I had anticipated. The vibrant Spheres materialized soon after I invoked them. It took our combined concentration to maneuver them in position.

One of my dolls, Becca, was entranced by the golden Tiphareth Sphere. Despite my warning, she touched it, and the power surge overloaded her systems. She collapsed to the ground, smoke streaming from her ceramic joints. I had no choice but to continue.

Nedzach! Hod! Yesod!

My voice trembled as I invoked the final Sphere.


The drew the Spheres into the cranial unit, and locked it. The world around me was becoming a blur as I collapsed over her frame.

The remaining dolls tugged on my laboratory coat.

"Father! You have to finish!"

I nodded and took a deep breath.


Gematria's arms caught me before I slid off the table. I stared into her glowing red eyes and smiled before I passed out.

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