Thursday, February 26

All good things...

After some thought, I have respectfully declined to continue on as a Host for Captain Rachire Wulluf at the Wicked Wench, the successor to the infamous Port Novem. I've gotten behind in tending to the needs of my family, as well as working in my laboratory and the Hospital. There's a special presentation I'll be setting up in conjunction with Miss Kiralette Kelley for Relay for Life.

I may even have some time to try out my new fishing pole!

I must thank MissLily Nightfire and Lulu Seetan for a year of wonderful music and gainful employment. There was never a dull moment, that's for sure!

My daughter Gematria, true to form, has already gone back to the family business. She is now hostess for the SquidVenom Brigade, which is what Emperor SteelCobra was named his music stream and associated events. Do squids have venom? I'll have to do some research...

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