Tuesday, January 6

Mad Mathematician Muses on Mayorship

Darien.Mason: So...any plans on buying Babbage?
Mr.Tenk looks up from his forge...
Mr. Tenk: did you know i was considering it, or is that a shot in the dark?
Darien.Mason: I thought it would be plausible
Mr. Tenk: Do tell....
Darien.Mason: A Mad Mathematician running New Babbage? It's poetic genius!
Mr. Tenk: It fits my character as a component of the city.
Mr. Tenk: And not one of the ingrates left a bowl of rice pudding out on Christmas Eve. I am well within my ancient rights to strangle the cattle in retribution!
Darien.Mason: I left some latkes and applesauce out...
Mr.Tenk: You don't live in Babbage.
Darien.Mason: I did for a short time.
Darien.Mason: Very short.
Mr.Tenk: Your livestock shall be spared.
Darien.Mason My stock isn't live...
Mr. Tenk smiles tightly.

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Evil Tiny Kitty said...

Oh my...I do believe I truly like the way he thinks!