Wednesday, January 7

And so the politicking begins!

First the Dredd Pirate Bobb throws his hat in the ring:

I'm putting myself up, not as an individual but as a face for a possible coalition. I need to talk to some backers, and have a think about this properly but it's something i wanted to work towards but didnt see the point when Babbage was already doing it well. Again, i restate, this is just a preliminary note. I do have a team in mind, which most of you would trust implicitly i think, and who are creative, organised (where i am not) and trustworthy.

And then, who could keep a good Enlightened Dictator down?

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren - dear Ladies and Gentlemen of New Babbage,

I would like to submit my name as a candidate for Mayor of New Babbage. Some of you know me well; many have not met me at all. I plan to remedy this as thoroughly as possible. As a start, I have purchased #3 Babbage Palisade and established a Consulate office there.

Those who have read the histories of my homeland, as presented by the Professors Foglio as Girl Genius, will notice this would not be far different from what I have been doing in Europa, although far more peacefully. I do not seek to take and change New Babbage into some other creature, to remake it in the image of any other land. I am, however, concerned that a valuable portion of the steamlands, and a valuable cultural addition to the grid could possibly diminish or disappear. I seek election to preserve New Babbage and encourage the growth of this vital community.

To ensure the citizens of Babbage always have contact with their government, I would create a town council to act both as advisors to the Mayor's Office and administrators for common land needs. This would be a combination of appointed and elected individuals, the exact composition to be determined. This will also ensure that Babbage looks after Babbage, for those with any concerns of excessive foreign influences.

I would also encourage more diplomatic activity between New Babbage and other lands, as a country cannot exist either in or as a vacuum. This once again applies principles I have in action at home -- standing together is much stronger than standing alone. This will encourage not only a flow of ideas, but also bolster land sales, retail and goodwill overall.

New Babbage is a proud nation of engineers and hard workers. If you are willing to stand behind me in support, I am willing to follow your example and to lead.

Any questions may be directed to me via the Ning, or the post-box in the Consulate in Palisade.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach

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