Tuesday, October 7

The Feast of Booths

In honor of Sukkot, I will be continuing a tradition I began in Steelhead and build a sukkah on my property. In layman's terms, it will be a thatched hut with wooden supports and an open wall, with a loosely woven (transparent) roof through which one may gaze at the stars. It will be on the side of Caledon Regency Hospital facing the pond.

Anyone who wishes to help and join in the festivities can meet me on Sunday at 7SLT. I encourage you to bring fruits and vegetables with which to decorate the hut. I hope the swans in the creek will show some restraint, but anyone who is hungry is welcome to feast on some prims as they pass.

As for sleeping in such a structure? Possibly. Depends on if the swans cooperate.

1 comment:

Miss Lily said...

Are you building this structure yourself, Doc? I've seen your history with structures going "boom".... Please, man, HAVE SOMEONE HELP YOU!