Tuesday, July 22

put my femur back, please


DM: Yes, Ash. I am speaking to you. Please reconnect that bone so I can finish the regeneration.

(ASH looks up, then carefully realigns the bone)

DM: Thank you. You're probably wondering how I'm still speaking.

ASH: Yes, we were.

DM: We who? I don't sense...well of course I can't with the mask on but...

ASH: Myself and the psychic entity that emerged from the gestalt of the recovery team.

DM: Oh, THAT gestalt psychic entity.

ASH: Your psychic essence is currently secure in the mask?

DM: You catch on fast, Son. Like I said, the regeneration process is a bit...traumatic.

(DM's body begins to layer blood vessels and muscle tissue)

ASH: But the squared chronomoetric variable...?

DM: That was the Alpha version of the Galvanic Tesseractor. You didn't finish reading the version history.

ASH: I'm sorry Sir. I was escorting Frau Lowey at the dance in Mini-Castle Wulfenbach over Mini-Steelhead.

DM: I'm sure you had a great *little* time. I'll give you a mulligan on that one. Please be careful with that vocabulary word.

ASH: Yes Doctor. What was the fix for the GT?

DM: I inverted the chronometric alignment axis.

ASH: So instead of aging the square of 25 years in Absolute Elsewhere you only aged the square root of 25?

DM: Within the standard deviation, yes.

(DM's skin grows over the completed frame, and the restraints click open. He sits up in the operating table.)

DM: And since I didn't age during the time I was possessed by Bloodwing...My cell structure development should be chronologically correct to my birth age.

(DM hops down from the table and looks up.)

DM: Ash? Why are you twice the size I built you?

ASH: I...think you need to review the standard deviation...

DM: How odd. My voice is cracking.

ASH: Doctor?

(DM takes off the Psychic Mask)

DM: Mirror please?

(A boy's scream followed by a string of Yiddish syllables echo through Regency from the Hospital)


Ama said...

I guess we won't need this, after all.

*she sets the portable stasis unit on the floor, then sits heavily on top of it, wings drooping*

You do realize this opens a whole new can of kim chee? All because you are still thinking like a solitary practicioner.

And you may want to watch your language before someone decides to wash your mouth out, Father.

Darien Mason said...

Someone I just met is calling me Father, and I'm in a young man's body. How strange is that?

Ama said...

*looks over her metaphorical shoulder to survey the rest of the family, and shrugs*

Seems about average, I’d say.