Tuesday, July 22

misspent youth

(DM waves sheepishly to Ama as he hurriedly wraps a sheet around his waist)

DM: This was NOT supposed to happen!

ASH: I'm looking over your calculations... Did you go back in time at some point?

DM: We just discussed this.

ASH: I'm...Pardon...a message from Mr. Uggleh...

DM: The Ethereal Time Cabinet traveler?

ASH: Yes. Massive continuity upheavals detected here and where the Foundation once stood.

DM: This procedure couldn't have caused that kind of reaction...

ASH: No, Darien.

DM: You're not calling me Doctor now?

ASH: You are too young to be a doctor.

DM: Grrrr...wait...I look how old to you two now? Twelve? Thirteen? So I lost 25 years? Ow. I'm too young to be thinking this hard...So...

ASH: Darien? Are you alright?

DM: This is the age I was whem my Mother died...when the adult me arrived in Sumatra and defeated my father...

ASH: I see no such events in my records, Darien.

DM: Of course you don't. You only reference what's in the public record, which changes with the timestream. I remember my experiences even if they were undone!

ASH: Time Traveller's Tales, I believe they're called.

DM: So in this new reality I never upgraded the Galvanic Tesseractor, and I never went back in time, so I overcompensated with the Reanimation Serum for the limb regeneration procedure. Yes...wait...I think I know how to use this to my advantage!

ASH: How?

DM: To rescue Gematria from Aleister Mason...that's still a priority, yes?

ASH: Correct.

DM: Without going into details...I know where she is likely to show up next.

ASH: How so, Darien?

DM: I used to HOST there! Now...SOMEBODY find me some clothes that fit? I'm going to pour a glass of absi...


DM: ABS-olutely refreshing Celery Soda! *sticks out tongue*


Ama said...

I know where to get clothes to fit you, but...


You do realize you are underage for the venues you used to host?

Darien Mason said...

Except for one...and that's exactly where I'm headed.

Ama said...


You get clothes on one condition - you are not going in without back-up.

Otherwise, I will lock you in the statis chamber, Father.

Rhianon Jameson said...

No absinthe? Posh! Whenever I see a child crying, I give it some laudanum. Solves the problem right away, and everyone wins.