Saturday, May 31

all for a children's crusade

Once again the Lindens have seen fit to judge us by the company we keep and the bodies we wear when they should be be trying to FIX THE GRID. They have decreed to their folly that Child avatars and members of those groups are welcome to gawk at the exhibits for 5SLB, but not contribute.

Never to be discouraged, they are feverishly building a celebration of their own! I do look forward to seeing what they come up with. Please lend them your support if you can. Their progress is being recorded at

I'll not go into the heavy debate on the proper places of the Naughty and Nice factions of child avatars on the Grid. I will only state my personal opinion once and be done with it: what adult players do in their skyboxen is none of my business.

Now I will state the policy of the Caledon Red Cross. We are bound by Honor and Duty to help any avatar who seeks our aid to the best of our ability.

I must also reiterate that Caledon Regency Hospital is not a venue for Naughty Nurses or any other medical cliche found in those dirty pictures. This includes the Hysterical Paroxysm Generator. (And no, I don't know where you can find one.) I have already expelled one member of the staff who was obsessed with creating inappropriate situations within the facility. Luckily, this person's plans were thwarted before they were carried out.

And finally, as a Spark and Maker of constructs, I am skilled at repairing Doll avatars and will aid any who seek my help, the same as any other avatar.

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