Wednesday, April 16

We now return to the Trial, already in progress

"Now where were we, Darien? Oh yes, your Serpents grabbed me by my belt buckle and hurled me through the time portal you came from! An interesting move. I'd have suspected something more lethal."

I had just defeated the Hydra. My body had already built up an immunity to the venom. Instead of the Hydra controlling me, I now controlled the Hydra. Obviously, you landed here.

"Of course. One minute I'm in the jungle and the next I'm hurtling through the Void... landing eons in the past! I woke up surrounded by Trolls in white robes. Luckily they already knew of other sentient races, but they had never seen a Human before. Luckily, the Founder left several tomes on translating Avarian to Latin in the volumes he's written over the centuries. As you know many of our inventions are reverse engineered if not inspired by the scraps of parchment that survived the ages. While I had no clue as to how to pronounce their runes I could write in the manner of their scholarly texts. From there it was simple enough to prove that I was a genius and a Spark. They welcomed me into their ranks as a visiting Scholar!"

A Snake in the Garden...

"Please! The feuding between the Magi and the Scientists had already put them on a collision course! I made outward, superficial attempts to reconcile the factions, relaying messages as a neutral outworlder, but subtle alterations of runes can change the meaning so much..."

...which brought you to the attention of the Replicator Queen.

"Yes, she offered me protection among their number just before civil war became imminent. In order to sustain myself in the long hibernation of their pods, however, certain...accommodations had to be made..."

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